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Push PA Telemedicine Bill Over the Goal Line This Fall

Pennsylvania hospitals and health care professionals are using telemedicine services to save lives and keep patients healthy, but we need […]

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Telemed vs. WebMD: Know the Difference

With so many resources available, you might feel overwhelmed and skeptical after “going online” to get answers to your medical […]

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Telemedicine: Not Just for Your Phone

The concept of telemedicine is made possible through the development of telecommunications technology, which is the means of sending information […]

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PA Lawmakers Need to Expand Telemedicine Access

The people living in rural Pennsylvania represent about 27 percent of our state’s population. That’s about one in four of […]

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Telemedicine: Myths and facts

Change can be scary, but change for the better makes everything worth it. With every upgraded phone model that comes […]

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Telemed 101

The first iPod was released in 2001; the first camera phone, in 2003. Today, self-driving cars are being tested, drones […]

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Telemed in PA: How Technology is Changing Health Care for the Better

Telemedicine is changing the way Pennsylvanians access health care. Using electronic communications technology, including two-way video, email, smartphones, and wireless […]

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Real Doctors in Real Time

With its rapid advancements and constant new developments, technology can often be overwhelming. You might be nervous about using your […]

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Telemed From the Comfort of Your Home

With telemedicine, your living room can be your waiting room. But that’s just the beginning of telemedicine’s benefits!

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Telemed Has You Covered When You Travel

Have you ever become ill or injured on vacation or while traveling? Finding the nearest urgent care center or emergency […]