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Get Ready for the Fall with This Back-to-School Checklist

Whether it’s your child’s first year of kindergarten or last year of high school, you know how hectic the weeks […]

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How to Keep Your Child’s Chronic Illness Under Control at School

Health can be a day-by-day or hour-by-hour matter for kids with chronic illnesses. Going to school with their peers requires […]

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Prepping Children with Autism to Go Back to School

Children have mixed feelings about going back to school. For some, it’s exciting to see all of their friends they […]

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Don’t Wait, Vaccinate! The Importance of Immunizations

Pennsylvania is known for many things––our role in the American Revolution; our vast rural landscape; our chocolate; and our sports […]

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Study Guide on How to Avoid Getting Sick at School

The back-to-school routine is in full swing, and that means greater exposure to germs. In school, kids are exposed to […]

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Sports Physicals: Why Are They Done?

Because our state experiences all of the seasons, Pennsylvanians know what to expect as each of them comes. With fall […]

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Kick Back-to-School Nerves with These 5 Tips

As the end of August approaches, many kids become wary of what is coming: a new school year. With new […]


5 Healthy School Snacks For Your Student to Enjoy

Looking for a snack to send with your children to school? Try these healthy alternatives to the greasy, processed snacks! […]

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Don’t Wait to Vaccinate Your Children in PA

Pennsylvania school rules for vaccinations have been updated, and the grace period for students to be up to date on […]