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Domestic Violence Damages Victims’ Mental Health

Domestic violence, sometimes called intimate partner violence, is a public health problem: Nearly one in four women has been the […]

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Healthy Me PA: Depression Screening

Do you know where to turn if you or a loved one is experiencing depression symptoms? Watch Dr. Huntington of […]

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5 Mental Health Stigmas That Prevent Men From Reaching Out for Help

Men are more than three times more likely to die by suicide than women and less likely to reach out […]

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How to Find a Therapist in PA: What You Need to Know

We all experience ups and downs. We have periods when everything around us is going great, and we also experience […]


Telehealth Services Could Improve PA Mental Health Care Shortage

Getting the mental health help you need when you need it shouldn’t depend on where you live. Unfortunately, 30 of […]

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Diverse Populations Suffer in Mental Health Care Access, Treatment

While it can be difficult for most Americans to get proper mental health care, studies are showing it’s even harder […]

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It’s Time for Men to Talk About Mental Health

Mental illness continues to carry the burden of stigma. Unfortunately, this stigma can cause people to avoid seeking help from […]

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Impact of Social Media on Kids and Teens – Communication is Key

Today, children and teens grow up in a world of cellphones and constant online connection. Technology and social media can […]

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Your Mental Health and You – It’s OK to Not Be OK

It’s easy to say you need help from a medical professional when you are bleeding or you have broken a […]

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Avoid the Winter Blues

The stress of the holiday season and shorter amounts of daylight could be enough to dampen even Santa’s legendary good […]