Should You Be an Early Riser or a Night Owl?

The debate rages among early bird exercisers and night owl enthusiasts over who gets the best boost from their exercise time. So who’s right?

Everyone, according to the American Heart Association. The best time to work out depends solely on what is best for you. The key is to do your workout at a time when you’ll be the most consistent and hard working.

Several other factors should be taken into consideration when determining the right time for a workout:

  • Location
  • Type of physical activity
  • Social setting

It’s the right time to work out when these factors are in sync and supporting your desire to exercise.

No matter what time of day you’re working out, the American Heart Association recommends getting at least 150 minutes of moderate-intensity exercise a week.

According to the National Sleep Foundation, there are better times of the day to work out that help improve sleep. Getting in an early morning cardio session can help reduce blood pressure, which is ideal for sleep later that night.

Now that you know there’s no right or wrong time to work out, you can see what feels right for you. Here are three exercises you can do every day:

  • Walking—No matter if you’re stuck inside or the sun is shining, take some time out of your day to walk at a faster pace than usual. If you’re stuck inside, crank up some music and do laps around the house.
  • Strength Training—If you don’t have weights or a gym nearby use stuff you can find around the house. Cans of veggies, water jugs, and bags of apples are all great options.
  • Yoga—There are always free yoga videos online, or you can join a class. You can do yoga inside or outside, in a living room or on your lawn.

No matter what your summer schedule looks like, be sure to exercise every day. Early risers and night owls alike can agree that making sure you get moving is the best choice.