Keep Your Kids Happy and Healthy This Summer

Every kid’s favorite day is that last day of school before summer officially begins, but it might not be every parent’s favorite day. Now that the kids are home, parents have to make sure their children aren’t eating too much junk food or watching too much TV and are still getting exercise. Plus, who wants to hear their kids saying, “I’m bored” every day of the summer?

Boredom isn’t the only fear you have to worry about; poor health for your kids is also a danger.

According to a study done by Obesity: A Research Journal, children’s risk of becoming overweight, or even obese) is higher when they are out of school than when they are in school.

Making sure that your kids are eating healthy over the summer can be hard when you’re not packing their lunches every day, so why stop? Getting your kids involved in making their lunches for the week can also create a fun activity for you both.

Take them to the market or store with you to pick out food. Even better, plant a garden with them so they can see where their food comes from. Spoiler alert: they’ll want to eat the food they grew themselves!

When it comes to getting your kids active and away from the screen, check out these five family-friendly activities from Get Healthy U for a fun-filled summer.

  1. Do a Penny Hike—The kids will love walking around different places trying to find new pennies. Make it a treasure hunt.
  2. Set a swimming schedule—Whether you have a pool or live near one, plan a scheduled day each week to go swimming. Check out local camps and see what swim time they have to offer.
  3. Race Day—Set up a race/obstacle course in the backyard. Winner gets a homemade fruit pop.
  4. Rainy Day Bowling—Keep the kids out of the rain but still moving around.
  5. Get outside—Check out the local parks, zoos, or even the beach

No matter what your summer looks like, keeping the meals healthy and the activities varied should help to prevent those pesky “I’m bored” comments and keep a smile on the kids’ faces all summer long.