4 Healthy Sandwich Recipes

Try a new sandwich for lunch with one of these healthy alternatives.

If you have been packing PB&J or turkey and cheese for lunch every day, it might be time to switch up your sandwich. It’s not too late to start loving your lunches again. If you have been feeling trapped by the same old, try one of these healthy sandwich options by Fitness Magazine.

White bean and mozzarella sandwich

White beans can help reduce your risk of heart attack and stabilize your blood sugar, according to Livestrong.

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Meatball parmesan sub

While most meatball subs are not healthy, you can make them healthier by substituting turkey meatballs for beef. This substitute cuts calories while maintaining the classic flavor. You can prepare the turkey meatballs by browning them in a pan first.

You can make this sandwich in advance. Wrap the sandwich in aluminum foil and, when you are ready to eat, reheat it.

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Manchego, quince, and toasted walnut sandwich

Even though the name of this sub sounds fancy, it is essentially a grilled cheese sandwich—with a twist. And you can try this with your other favorite cheese plate combos such as blue cheese and green apples, or ricotta salata and honey!

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Asian chicken salad sandwich

Buy a rotisserie chicken so you can make sandwiches to last you the whole week. If you want to make this lunch even healthier, you can prepare it using only the white meat.

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If you want to improve your lunchtime health, add veggies as your side instead of chips. You could also stick to drinking water, as opposed to sodas, to cut down on calories.