Do Your Part to Curb Pennsylvania’s Opioid Crisis

A tool launched by Gov. Tom Wolf and Attorney General Josh Shapiro this week will empower Pennsylvanians to report questionable prescription drug activity. The suspicious activity report form, part of the state’s Prescription Drug Monitoring Tool (PDMP), can be found at

“This new reporting tool, which is available online to everyone, allows people to anonymously give our office detailed information about suspected diversion so we are better able to arrest and prosecute the criminals who are poisoning our communities for their own profit,” Attorney General Shapiro said in a news release.

Health care providers throughout Pennsylvania use the PDMP to inform prescribing decisions and help keep prescription opioids from falling into the wrong hands. This new feature allows consumers and other medical professionals to report suspicious activity in a safe and responsible manner.

We each have a role to play in the fight to reduce opioid abuse and overdose deaths. If you happen to observe suspicious activity, report it by