Don’t Let a Busy Fall Schedule Become Unmanageable

It’s almost time for fall, and that means back to school and back to work, without all of the vacations.

With the hustle and bustle of fall around the corner, try these five helpful tips to keep your busy schedule manageable.

  • Create a schedule—and stick to it! 
    • If you’re going back to school (at any level) or heading back to work after a summer of paid time off, vacations, and other fun activities, following a schedule can help you decrease stress and ensure all of your work gets done.  
  • Don’t push yourself too hard—schedule time to relax! 
    • Know your limits and how far you can push them. Make time for yourself after a long day. Schedule 30 minutes to relax with a calm activity.  
  • Don’t overcommit yourself—it’s OK to take a break! 
    • This one’s for all you worker bees. Don’t be afraid to say no. Putting too much on your plate can lead to tasks getting completed poorly or not done at all.  
  • Maintain work-life balance—practice time management! 
    • It’s OK to go out with friends and be social, but recognize that you have other priorities now that you’re in school or back to work with little paid time off left. Dedicate time to social activities but not so much that it interferes with work or school fulfillments.
  • Be conscious of your health—at all times!  
    • Going back to school can be stressful. Your meal times might change and your workload increase tremendously from the summer. Pack healthy snacks, and start an exercise routine. Start slowly by working out one or two days a week, and increase the frequency from there.