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Innovation in PA Hospitals

Check out how Pennsylvania hospitals are using state-of-the-art technology to treat hospital patients.

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Community Hospital Initiatives Across Pennsylvania

Learn how hospitals are making a difference in their own backyards.

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Pennsylvania’s New State Insurance Exchange: Frequently Asked Questions

In July 2019, Pennsylvania passed legislation that will make it possible for the state to set up its own online […]

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Improving Pennsylvania’s Behavioral Health Treatment Options

Picture this: You or someone you love is experiencing a behavioral health crisis. Your No. 1 focus is finding effective […]

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New Year Brings Continued Debate on Health Care Issues

Although it’s a new year, many of the same health care issues continue to dominate Pennsylvania’s landscape. These include access […]

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Why Are Diabetes Rates so High in Pennsylvania?

Why are diabetes rates so high in Pennsylvania, and what can be done to lower them? Incidences of diabetes are […]


Telehealth Services Could Improve PA Mental Health Care Shortage

Getting the mental health help you need when you need it shouldn’t depend on where you live. Unfortunately, 30 of […]

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Pennsylvania’s Budget Maintains Important Funding for Special Hospital Programs

Most everyone needs and uses health care at some point in their lives. You really should understand government policies and […]

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Fish Recipes for Your Next Big Catch in Pennsylvania

Much of what makes living in Pennsylvania unique is its landscape. Not many states experience the four seasons as distinctly […]

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What is a Trauma Center, and Why Would I Need One?

Trauma is one of the five leading causes of death for people ages 1 to 44. Trauma includes any life-threatening […]