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It seems to grow more complicated every year to find the right health insurance plan, use it wisely, and be smart with your health care dollars all while keeping yourself and your family healthy.

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The good news is you don’t have to forge your way through the health care landscape alone. Our Healthy Me PA community brings together patients, hospitals, families, caregivers, doctors, nurses, and policymakers to help improve the health of all Pennsylvanians.

What can Healthy Me PA do for you? Our online community can help you:

  • understand how your health care and health insurance work
  • learn about preventive care
  • put your community’s health care resources to work
  • let your elected officials know what health care issues are important to you
  • have your voice be heard
  • join a like-minded group of individuals who care about their health

With more than 156,000 members, our growing community creates a welcoming environment in which to have conversations about things you, your relatives, and your neighbors deal with all the time — understanding complex medical and insurance jargon, knowing how to find the right health care for your family, or finding better ways to manage a chronic illness.

We feature real stories about real people and real programs serving Pennsylvania. Our online community can connect you to trusted and credible sources, and it also can give you the opportunity to take action on the health issues that impact your daily life.

With one click, you can learn how to protect yourself from the flu, read about how Pennsylvania hospitals keep your neighborhood healthy, and find out what legislation might help your family with medical care. By joining our community, you can help improve the health of all Pennsylvanians.