Telemedicine Can Solve Your Holiday Health Mishaps

It’s bad enough to wake up on the day of a big holiday with a sore throat and fever. It’s even worse if you’re visiting away from home, without your customary comforts. But for many kinds of minor illnesses, with telemedicine, it doesn’t matter what day it is or where you are. You can get the treatment you need remotely, without leaving your home or family, and hopefully you will feel good enough to enjoy the festivities.

With telemedicine services, you can get treatment for your illness through your smartphone or computer. That’s even more important if you’re in a rural area where the nearest treatment facility is a significant distance away.

Patients with ongoing medical needs that require routine monitoring also might be wary of traveling away from home base for the holidays. With telemedicine, their travel plans can broaden significantly because they may be able to maintain their regular medical routine while enjoying a holiday trip.

Telemedicine isn’t just an answer for holiday health mishaps. All year round, telemedicine can:

  • Deliver lifesaving care remotely to a patient in a small neighborhood hospital 
  • Help with in-home medical monitoring 
  • Ease a shortage of medical providers, especially those delivering primary care and behavioral health services, in many areas of the state 
  • Save rural Pennsylvania residents the time and cost of lengthy trips for medical treatment

Telemedicine is all about getting you quality health care at the right time at the right place.

Before you head into your Hanukkah, Christmas, Kwanzaa, or any other holiday plans, check with your doctors and medical insurance plans to see what telemedicine services are available to you. With that information in hand, you’re prepared to truly enjoy your home for the holidays, wherever that may be.