Partner with Your Hospital to Give Back to Your Community

Community members who volunteer to work at hospitals play crucial roles in enhancing the patient experience. These generous volunteers willingly give up their time to give back to the community in important ways.

Volunteers allow doctors and nurses to focus on caring for patients and put smiles on the faces of those going through the most difficult times of their lives, which is why President Richard Nixon established National Volunteer Week in 1974. Every April, we recognize and celebrate the extraordinary efforts of hospital volunteers throughout the country.

This year’s National Volunteer Week has passed, but it’s never too late to get involved. Volunteering at a hospital is a fulfilling experience that allows you to touch the lives of people in need.

Pennsylvania hospitals have a wide variety of volunteer opportunities, and many will assign duties based on what your area of interest is. Whether you’re a premed college student or a high schooler looking to build a resume, there’s a program out there that’s right for you.

If you’re interested in pursuing a career in medicine, there are plenty of ways to receive a meaningful experience that will help launch your medical career, including the Penn Medicine premed volunteer program and the Clarion Hospital student program.

These programs allow volunteers to assist and learn from medical professionals as they care for their patients. This is an excellent way to see what working in a hospital is like while building relationships with professionals in your field.

Not everyone is a college student hoping to launch an educational career, though. If you’re looking for a way to help but aren’t interested in working directly with patients, hospitals including Geisinger and UPMC provide service opportunities that allow you to work in the gift shop, cafeteria, and other areas.

Whether you’re working alongside doctors or in the gift shop, every volunteer is helping better the patient experience.

Medical professionals need your help to keep the community healthy and safe. Visit your local hospital’s website to learn more about how to give back to your community.