From Fruit to Fish, It Can All Go on the Grill

Hot dogs on the grill may scream summer—but consider changing up your outdoor cooking routine with these healthy options.

  • Grilled cauliflower burgers or steaks. Carve a head into inch-thick slices, add a little olive oil, salt, and pepper—or spices of your choice—grill 10 to 15 minutes, and it’s ready for burger fixings
  • Portabella burgers. Trim stems, marinate like a steak, grill five to eight minutes a side, and it’s bun-worthy
  • Prep, brush with oil or marinade, skewer, and grill a few minutes until done
  • Skewers of lean meat, fish, or veggies. A little oil and spice or light marinade, and you’re ready to go. Run out of skewers? Use rosemary branches, which will add flavor, too
  • Grilled fruit. Ideal ones are firm and not overripe. Melons, pineapple, apples, and figs can take the heat. The online food community Food 52 recommends brushing the fleshy side with neutral oil such as coconut or canola, or melted butter, before grilling

Just remember, when grilling fatty meat, the fat that drips onto the hot coals or grill element causes flare-ups and smoke, which brings carcinogens. One advantage to grilling fruits and veggies is that they contain no fat and can’t create the bad-for-you compounds.

Happy grilling!