Launching ‘Fit This In’ Podcast: Get the Rundown on the Latest Health Trends

Ever wonder which health and fitness trends actually work? Or which trends are useful for the everyday person? If so, “Fit This In” is for you. “Fit This In” is a new podcast in which four friends try the latest health trends—so you can get an honest take on what it’s like and whether it’s worth your time.

In every episode, “Fit This In” highlights a new topic, product, or fitness option that’s making headlines, while listeners follow along with its relatable panelists as they laugh their way through the latest health trends.

Because each health trend varies in effectiveness and success depending on a person’s age, interests, fitness level, personal challenges, and goals, each of the “Fit This In” panelists is perfectly unique.

Meet the team

Moderator: Jen Rehill. Jen is a 48-year-old mother of two who enjoys using Zumba, yoga, tap dancing, and kayaking to stay active. She lives in a small town outside of Harrisburg, is a vegetarian, and has bad knees—something she is always thinking about when she is trying new things.

“Dance fitness has changed my life in recent years. I love workouts with great music. That really motivates me,” Jen said. “I do have to modify some moves so I don’t hurt my knees—but I think almost everyone has challenges when it comes to working out, and it’s all about finding what works for you.”

The Crew:

Megan Dapp. Megan is 35, and she is also from a small town outside Harrisburg. She loves trying all the newest fad diets and trending exercise routines—although she rarely sticks with them. As a former college basketball player, Megan has found it difficult to find a place for fitness in her life post-college.

“I also have two kids, so between schlepping to school and activities, fitting anything else into our busy schedule is a challenge these days,” Megan said.

Noelle Feron. Noelle is 29 and lives in Philadelphia with her husband and rescue dog. She loves spin classes, which she tries to do at least once a week.

“I also love pasta, pizza, and everything bagels, so those are three things I always manage to fit in,” Noelle said. “But they don’t exactly align with being healthy and living a healthy lifestyle.”

Marsha Reisinger. Marsha lives in the Fairmount area of Philadelphia. Although she doesn’t always enjoy working out, she loves how she feels afterward. Because of this, the soon-to-be 25-year-old opts for short, high-intensity workouts. When she’s trying new things to stay active, Marsha has to keep in mind that she is prone to shin splints. She also considers herself a bit of a foodie.

“When I socialize, I tend to go out to eat at restaurants and have a glass of wine,” Marsha said. “Those are some of the challenges I tend to run into when it comes to staying healthy.”

It can be hard to find time to try new trends—let alone find the ones that make the most sense for your fitness level and your personal goals. Save yourself some frustration and time, and listen to the “Fit This In” podcast.

“There are tons of new trends buzzing in the health and wellness community, so many that it’s nearly impossible to keep up,” Noelle said. We want to help you cut through the noise—what’s worth fitting into your busy schedule, and what’s not worth the hype?

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