Activities to Keep You Healthy in November

Here are three activities you and your family can do on Thanksgiving

On Thanksgiving, we gather around the table for good food and good company—a tradition lasting nearly 400 years. Your family might have other activities you do, such as crafting, cross-country traveling, and cooking classic family recipes. But those delicious dishes you consume add up to around 3,000 calories, making it difficult to stick to your diet. Here are holiday activities to start new family traditions while staying healthy during the holiday season.

Turkey trot: Participate in a turkey trot near you to burn off as many calories as possible before indulging in your favorite Thanksgiving dishes. This traditional footrace can be enjoyed by all ages. Turkey trots typically support national or local charities during the holiday season. Some organizations even give registered runners prizes at the end of the race, such as T-shirts or frozen turkeys. Use this Turkey Trot locator to find a race in your area.

Turkey bowl (football): The first Thanksgiving Day football game took place in Philadelphia when Yale and Princeton played on Thanksgiving Day 1869. On this day Thanksgiving was institutionalized as an iconic holiday for the Intercollegiate Football Association, and since then it has been associated with American football. Family turkey bowls have become a staple of the holiday as well, making touch football a perfect opportunity to bond with family and friends while burning calories.

Food bank: The season of giving tends to increase food bank donations, resulting in the need for more volunteers to package and distribute food. Not only will you be helping families in need, but you can burn up to 150 calories per hour packing boxes, lifting, and walking. Look for opportunities at your local food bank to give back to your community while staying active.

Watch as Loo and Drew take on roller derby!

Roller derby is just one activity to shed those extra pounds from Thanksgiving.