Telemedicine Saves You Time and Effort

Not sure how to balance everything in your life? Well, going to the doctor’s office is getting a lot easier. The growing offering and acceptance of telemedicine services by doctors and health insurance companies could help you put more time back in your schedule.

Utilize telemedicine to save you time.


Treatment at your desk

Don’t have time to miss the afternoon meeting to see the doctor? With telemedicine, sit at your desk and consult your doctor through video, web chat, or phone.

No waiting room

You hate taking your kids to the doctor during flu season and sitting with all the other sick patients. Say goodbye to the germs and the long wait because telemedicine lets the doctor treat the kids in your own home.

Save gas money

When the specialists you need to see for a second opinion are hours away, save yourself the trip by emailing them an MRI or X-ray for a consult.

Stay in bed

When you need the doctor but you’re too sick to leave the house, telemedicine brings the care to your room through the computer or phone.


Counseling in your comfort zone

Sharing your mental health concerns with a counselor from the privacy of your own home or on your schedule through a secure remote connection can ease stress. These services can be especially helpful if you are traveling too.

As smartphone apps, wearable medical technology, and communications technology improve, the options for patients to use telemedicine will grow along with them, providing more convenient health care for you.