There’s a Better Way to See Your Doctor on Vacation

Getting hold of your doctor while you’re on vacation can be tough. Not only is it a bummer to be sick while you’re off having an adventure, but not being able to talk to your trusted care provider can add unnecessary stress.

Sick on a trip? No worries. Telemedicine has you covered.


Many people don’t realize that there is a more convenient and often more cost-effective way to see a doctor. It sits in the palm of your hand or on your desk.

Telemedicine allows you to contact your doctor at anytime from anywhere over the phone. If your child has a fever after a day at the beach or your wife or husband comes down with a case of body aches, there’s a doctor on the other end of the line waiting to help you. No emergency room waits for non-emergency cases. No costly or time-consuming urgent center visits.

A doctor will video chat with you, ask you about your symptoms and medical history, just like a normal doctor visit. The doctor might have you or someone with you conduct physical portions of an exam, such as feeling for swollen lymph nodes. The doctor will diagnose and decide on a course of treatment.

Doctors can call in prescriptions wherever you are or direct you to the nearest urgent center if you cannot be treated over a video or require further medical attention. Telemedicine costs, on average, less than an urgent center visit, making it helpful for non-emergency cases.