Fish Recipes for Your Next Big Catch in Pennsylvania

Much of what makes living in Pennsylvania unique is its landscape. Not many states experience the four seasons as distinctly as Pennsylvania does. Not everyone has the experience of seeing the vibrant warm tones take over the trees in the fall, the way snow settles on the tops of tree branches in the winter, or the sprout of a lone flower indicating spring is on its way.

Check out these recipes that you can make with fish that you can catch in PA!

Some Pennsylvanians would say there is another season worth recognizing—fishing season. We have different fishing seasons based on types of fish. Many people engage in the sport for relaxation, recreation, or just plain appreciation for nature. Whether it’s a river, a lake, or a creek behind your house, Pennsylvania’s landscape makes it a perfect place to enjoy the artistry of fishing, alone or with friends and family.

Next fishing season, try one of these recipes.

Whole Trout with Parsley, Dill, and Lemon Recipe

Catfish Piccata

Parmesan Perch