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Telemedicine Becomes a Household Word Overnight in Pandemic

The COVID-19 virus has turned many activities we once engaged in occasionally, such as videoconferencing and working from home, into […]

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How Do Virtual Doctor Visits Work?

As our lives have moved indoors and online due to the COVID-19 pandemic, so too has our everyday health care. […]

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Telemed Brings Health Care to You

Telemed connects rural patients to specialized doctors, and moms with sick kids to pediatricians. See it in action.

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Telemedicine Can Solve Your Holiday Health Mishaps

It’s bad enough to wake up on the day of a big holiday with a sore throat and fever. It’s […]

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Telemedicine: Expert Medical Care at Your Fingertips No Matter Where You Live

Just as technology has transformed the way we communicate, it is changing the way Pennsylvanians receive health care. Through telemedicine, […]

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Telemedicine: The Perfect Fit for Immunodeficiency Patients

Telemedicine can be of great assistance to people with immunodeficiency disorders, which are conditions that disrupt your body’s ability to […]

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PA Needs Coverage for Telemedicine

Too sick to drag yourself out of bed to see the doctor? Facing a long drive to consult with a […]