Tips for a Healthy Sports Season

From varsity track to travel soccer to peewee baseball, athletes of all ages and sizes have been hard at work […]

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The Truth Is in Your Numbers—Prevention and Treatment of High Cholesterol

The bad news is high cholesterol can have a negative effect and put you at risk when it comes to […]

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Keep Your Kids Health, But Don’t Forget About Yourself

School’s out, and the kids are home for summer. Suddenly your daily routine isn’t much of a routine at all. […]


Launching ‘Fit This In’ Podcast: Get the Rundown on the Latest Health Trends

Ever wonder which health and fitness trends actually work? Or which trends are useful for the everyday person? If so, […]

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Registered Dietitian Nutritionists: 4 Ways They Can Help You

Eating is a challenge for some of us. It can be difficult figuring out what to eat and how much […]

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Why You Should Care About Empty Calories

Calories. People eat them, count them, and usually try to burn them. Most people know you should restrict your daily […]


Loo and Drew Try Something New: Rock Climbing

Who doesn’t love a good challenge? Watch what happens when Loo and Drew take on rock climbing!

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Managing Arthritis

Keep these tips at your desk to relieve joint stress during the workday.

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Family History

The next time you gather the folks and kids for dinner, bring this checklist to the table:


Pedaling pointers

June is national safety month. Learn how to be safer while you cycle this summer.