Health Tips

8 Survival Tips for Thanksgiving Dinner Conversations

No matter how well intentioned everyone is at the holidays, uncomfortable conversations around the dinner table can sneak up on […]

Health Care

Make a New Family Tradition this Holiday Season: Talk about Your Health

Starting at the end of November, the holiday season begins. And you know what that means: more time with family! […]

Health Care

How to avoid a cold-induced asthma attack

As summer turns into fall, temperatures drop, which often excites people who enjoy watching the seasons change. For those living […]

Health Care

Diabetes 101: St. Clair Hospital Gives Healthy Me PA a Crash Course

November is National Diabetes Month — a month to spread awareness about the diabetes epidemic that is impacting Americans, and […]

Health Care

How to Talk to Loved Ones about Insurance

For those we care about, it can be difficult to confront them about more serious topics, like health insurance. Look […]

Health Care

Vote for Your Health Care

The November 6 election features races in all but one of Pennsylvania’s 18 newly drawn congressional districts, as well as […]

Health Care

Penn Votes Project: Making Sure the Unexpected Won’t Keep Hospital Patients from Voting

If you were eligible to vote in the 2016 presidential election, you probably remember how politically charged the election was. […]

Health Tips

Germ Alert! The Everyday Places Where Germs Are Hiding

As we approach winter, it’s important to keep our immune systems strong and limit the amount of germs we come […]

Health Care

Don’t Leave Your Health Care Dollars on the Table

If you have a flexible spending account (FSA), don’t leave your money on the table at the end of the […]

Health Care

Why Are Diabetes Rates so High in Pennsylvania?

Why are diabetes rates so high in Pennsylvania, and what can be done to lower them? Incidences of diabetes are […]

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