Health Care

It’s Easy to Contact Your Elected Officials

One of the most important things you can do as a voter is to tell your senator, representative, and other […]

Health Care

Health Care Continues to Dominate 2020 Elections

Campaigns for the 2020 primary election are gaining steam every day, and so is the flow of information coming from […]

Health Care

Help Ensure Health Care Workers Stay Safe on the Job

The men and women who work hard to save our lives when we need it—doctors, nurses, EMTs—need our protection to […]

Health Care

PA Trauma Centers, Other Hospitals Critically Need Increased Funding

Healthy Me PA has been at the forefront of encouraging state legislators and the governor to maintain funding for Pennsylvania’s […]

Health Care

Health Care Worker Shortage Could Impact Your Care

Pennsylvania hospitals and health systems provide safe, quality health care and health evaluation services to millions of people each year. […]

Health Care

Knowledge Is the Best Prescription for Managing Health Care

It’s not hard today to strike up a conversation about navigating the health insurance maze and  juggling your medical dollars. […]

Health Care

Stay in the Know with Healthy Me PA

It seems to grow more complicated every year to find the right health insurance plan, use it wisely, and be […]

Health Care

Innovation in PA Hospitals

Check out how Pennsylvania hospitals are using state-of-the-art technology to treat hospital patients.

Health Care

Telemed Brings Health Care to You

Telemed connects rural patients to specialized doctors, and moms with sick kids to pediatricians. See it in action.

Health Care

Major Election Year Brings Heightened Health Care Debate

With a presidential election on the horizon in 2020, health care issues are destined to remain at the top of […]

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