Health Care

Do You Know the Truth About Alcohol Consumption?

As April rolls around, so does Alcohol Awareness Month, which was founded by the National Council on Alcoholism and Drug […]

Health Care

Telemedicine: This Isn’t the Future, It’s the Present

The concept of telemedicine use to seem like it was something out of the movies in the 1980s. No, this […]

Health Care

Five Tips for End-of-life Health Planning

Advance planning for a health care crisis or end-of-life decisions are some of the hardest conversations families have. But planning […]

Health Care

Expanding access to telemedicine in PA

Pennsylvania Gov. Tom Wolf knows the benefits telemedicine can bring to thousands of Pennsylvanians living in rural communities. He recently […]

Health Care

Telemedicine is Important in the City, Too

When it comes to the pros of telemedicine, it’s easy to think of the families across the rural areas of […]

Health Care

How to Determine if You Qualify for a Special Enrollment Period

Being without health care coverage can put extra stress on you and your family. If you—or someone you know—is without […]

Health Care

Questions You Should Ask About Your Company’s Health Insurance Options

Whether you have just been offered a job or you have decided to go on your company’s insurance plan, you […]

Health Care

PA Hospitals on the Fronts Lines of Autism Research, Treatments

While trained clinicians often can recognize autism signs in a child as young as 18 months, the reality is that […]

Health Care

Get the ABCs of What It Means to Be on the Autism Spectrum

Because cases of autism have increased tenfold over the last 40 years, it is increasingly common to hear that a […]

Health Care

Understanding Meltdown Triggers in Children with Autism

If your child or someone you know has autism, chances are good that they’ve exhibited some challenging behaviors at some […]

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