Health Tips

How the Holistic Living Challenge is Changing the Lives of Cancer Patients

There is no shortage of good information on self-care in the world. But how can you weed through all the […]

Mental Health

How to Find a Therapist in PA: What You Need to Know

We all experience ups and downs. We have periods when everything around us is going great, and we also experience […]

Health Tips

Push PA Telemedicine Bill Over the Goal Line This Fall

Pennsylvania hospitals and health care professionals are using telemedicine services to save lives and keep patients healthy, but we need […]

Health Care

Telemed vs. WebMD: Know the Difference

With so many resources available, you might feel overwhelmed and skeptical after “going online” to get answers to your medical […]

Health Care

Telemedicine: Not Just for Your Phone

The concept of telemedicine is made possible through the development of telecommunications technology, which is the means of sending information […]

Health Care

PA Lawmakers Need to Expand Telemedicine Access

The people living in rural Pennsylvania represent about 27 percent of our state’s population. That’s about one in four of […]

Health Care

What Is Cholesterol? Here’s What You Need to Know

You probably know that having high cholesterol is a bad thing healthwise, but do you know what cholesterol is and […]

Health Care

The Truth Is in Your Numbers—Prevention and Treatment of High Cholesterol

The bad news is high cholesterol can have a negative effect and put you at risk when it comes to […]

Health Care

Mythbusters: The Truth About Cholesterol

What do you know about cholesterol? Here are the most common myths and facts about cholesterol, according to the American […]

Health Care

Health Insurance Deductibles: 10 FAQs Answered

Health insurance can be confusing. In order to compare different health plans and get the best plan for you and […]

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