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Living a healthy life is a constant journey, it doesn’t happen overnight and it’s something that each of us has to work toward every day.

Many of us are not on that journey alone, we have had dedicated support systems along the way. Whether we have a family member, an exercise buddy, or wonderful doctors and nurses, we have help to live healthier lives.

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Health Tips

Avoid the Winter Blues

The stress of the holiday season and shorter amounts of daylight could be enough to dampen even Santa’s legendary good […]

Health Care

Osteoarthritis Risk Increases with Age

As we age, almost all of us will develop some degree of osteoarthritis, medical experts say. However, by addressing risk […]

Health Care

3 Healthy New Year’s Resolutions You Can Keep

Are you kicking yourself for not achieving your 2017 New Year’s resolutions? You’re not the only one: Only 8 percent […]

Health Care

Cold Weather Can Cause More Than the Shivers

The cold weather is here, and as every native Pennsylvanian knows, it’s here to stay well into March. It’s just […]

Health Care

Winter Clothes Shopping Guide: 5 Items You Need to Buy

As we approach winter, it’s important to have the proper attire to stay warm when venturing out in near-freezing weather […]


Healthy Outdoor Winter Activities for You and Your Family

You might normally celebrate the holiday season indoors with your family, but you don’t have to let the cold weather […]

Health Care

Telemedicine: Improving Health Care for Veterans in PA

Veterans have benefited greatly from advancements in telemedicine, also called telehealth. Because of the high demand for more accessible health […]

Health Care

Epilepsy: Seizure Triggers, Warning Signs, and Symptoms

Epilepsy is a chronic neurological disease characterized by recurrent, unprovoked seizures caused by a disruption of electrical surges in the […]

Health Care

How Technology Has Changed Nursing

Nurses use technology to provide the best care possible, often through faster diagnosis and more precise treatment. Health Information Technology […]

Health Care

How to Properly Dress for Winter

Take a look to see if you are properly bundling up for windy, cold winter days.

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