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PA Budget Is Important to Your Health

Gov. Tom Wolf announced his plan for a state budget this week. During the speech, he outlined spending priorities for […]

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Medicaid to the Rescue for Majority of Nursing Home Residents

Medicaid has been in the news frequently, but it can be confusing to understand what it is precisely because it […]

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Having a Cardiac Catheterization? Meet Your Care Team

If you and your primary care provider suspect you are having heart-related issues after less invasive testing, a cardiologist may […]

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Learning About Your Family’s Heart History Can Help Your Future

If you knew you were more likely to develop future health problems, would you take preventive measures to lessen the […]

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Penn Medicine Develops Innovative Program to Improve High Blood Pressure Treatment for New Mothers

Penn Medicine has found that nearly 10 percent of pregnant women develop a dangerous high blood pressure condition known as […]

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How to Get the Most from Your Doctor’s Appointment

Life is busy. And you’ve got things you’d rather do than take a trip to the doctor’s office. Whether you’re […]

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Is Your Heart at Risk?

You look healthy. You feel healthy. You must be healthy, right? Unfortunately, what goes through your head is not always […]

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Quick Tips for Contacting Elected Officials

Concerned about what the government is doing with health care, hospital funding, or Medicaid? Let your elected officials know! One […]

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Welcome to Pulse on Policy from Healthy Me PA!

Congratulations on joining the readership of our first edition of Pulse on Policy. We heard the Healthy Me PA community […]

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Eat Your Way to a Healthy Heart with These 3 Recipes

The new year means new resolutions, especially ones that relate to diet and exercise. While you’re building new, healthy habits, […]