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Health Checklist for Men

Men, stay up to date with the screenings you need for your age with this video.

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Encourage the Men in Your Life to go to the Doctor

Let your brother, friend, or partner know that you care about his health, and encourage him to schedule regular doctor’s […]

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House of Representatives Class of 2019

We welcomed newly elected Pennsylvania representatives in the Capitol and talked about the state’s health and hospital systems. Hear what […]

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What Is Health Care Advocacy, and How Can You Get Involved?

The Pennsylvania state budget process is heating up this month, and you might be surprised to know there are several […]

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5 Mental Health Stigmas That Prevent Men From Reaching Out for Help

Men are more than three times more likely to die by suicide than women and less likely to reach out […]

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Encourage Your Father to Be Healthy

This Father’s Day, make a healthy meal or go on a walk with your dad. Here are other ways to […]

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The Circle of Health

Treating our bodies well now pays off in the long run. By eating healthfully and scheduling regular checkups with our […]

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Women’s Health Symptoms: Know the Signs

Women’s and men’s bodies are unique, and they need to be treated that way. Women, know the signs of heart […]

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Inpatient Rehabilitation Hospitals Crucial to Patient Independence and Mobility

The American Medical Rehabilitation Providers Association (AMRPA) calls inpatient rehabilitation “a critical bridge from acute care to returning to daily […]

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Healthy Me PA: Benny the Budget Part 3

Stay in the know about the budget process before it makes itself into legislation by June 30.